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   The benefit of having a database is to be able to secure data online. You will be able to create accounts for your website and grand individuals in your company access to Administrative sections of the website. This will allow for us to make an environment where you do not need to know a programming language in order to add information to your website. Having a database is a secure way to display information that you want people to see, while at the same time be able to store data to be accessed at a later date.

   We use PHP to gather information from the database in order to display the content to the users. With PHP, we are able to program website to do what the user wants them to be able to do. For instance if your company wants to have people fill out a form to get a quote or contact, we can have it store the information in the database and protect it and also send the information in an email to a representative. This is just the beginning of what you are able to do with PHP.